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Intellectual property infringement

Enforcement of Your Rights

Our strong team of patent attorneys has the required expertise and the necessary resources to assist you in monitoring and enforcing your own patents, trademarks and designs and in defending them against the IP rights of your competitors.

We also have the right contacts: in contentious proceedings before the courts and in proceedings having international dimensions, we work with a worldwide network of (law) offices having the relevant expertise to assert your rights and to defend claims made against you.

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Enforcement of Your Rights

… against new applications by third parties: we monitor new applications by your competitors in order that potential IP conflicts can be avoided or countered in good time.

… against conflicting competitor products: we assess your competitors‘ products, compare them with your own IP rights and co-ordinate appropriate measures – from „friendly“ right-of-use enquiries, through out-of-court cease-and-desist orders to infringement actions before the courts.

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Defence against third party rights

Every market participant must keep abreast of the IP rights of competitors and take note:
ignorance is no defence!
If you nevertheless find yourself confronted by an allegation of infringing a third-party IP right, we work with you to find the best way to deal with it. At the same time as carrying out a thorough analysis of the third-party IP right and looking for its weak points, we also review your product to draw up valid non-infringement arguments and develop suitable defensive measures which may, of course, also include counter-attacks.

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