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Intellectual property advice

Protection of Your Intellectual Property

Working in close co-operation with you, we formulate the appropriate IP applications for your invention, your trademark or your design and guide you all the way through to grant or registration – worldwide too! To that end, we advise you on application strategies that are advantageous for you and your product, while always keeping an eye on the cost aspects.

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With a view to avoiding possible future IP infringements and distinguishing your new IP applications from the IP rights of third parties, we search for third-party patents, trademarks and designs, analyse the IP landscape and assist you in finding workaround solutions.

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We can manage your IP rights over their entire lifetime, ensure timely payment of annuities and maintenance fees and advise you of all necessary measures for maintaining and optimising your IP portfolio.

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Competitor Monitoring

We can monitor new IP applications by your competitors to alert you early on to what participants in your market are working on – long before their products appear in the market.

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LBP provides you with guidance and support through all stages of your product development – and beyond.