IP – Intellectual Property

It is a fact commonly overlooked: in principle anyone is legally permitted to copy the achievements of third parties, provided there are no conflicting IP rights (and provided no unfair competition is involved). This applies not only to you, but also, of course, to your competitors if they try to take advantage of your research and development by adopting them in part or even in their entirety. Intellectual property rights provide the most effective means of protection against imitation:

  • Patents and Utility Models: for protecting products and methods that embody technical innovation.
  • Trademarks: for simply providing an indication of origin – in the form of a name, a logo or a characteristic colourway or shape.
  • Designs: for protecting the external aesthetic appearance and effect of a product.

To protect your idea from unwelcome surprises we will advise you as to the most appropriate IP right for your product and support you all the way from application to grant (or registration) and of course beyond!