LBP’s turn of the year news

Senior partner Dr. Hans J. Brommer passes baton on to Dr. Anke Leitner: After more than 45 years as a patent attorney and 42 years as a partner of LBP, Hans J. Brommer has passed the baton on to Anke Leitner who will now join our firm as a new partner. Since 2012, Anke Leitner has undergone her entire professional training at LBP to qualify as a patent attorney and has been employed as a patent attorney with our firm since then. After her admission as European Patent Attorney last year, Anke Leitner will now follow in the footsteps of Dr. Hans Brommer.
We would like to use this opportunity to thank Hans Brommer for the prudent, anticipatory and integrating role he played in the firm. With his active participation, LBP was able to grow during the recent decades from a small “one-man practice” to one of the leading patent law firms in the Baden area.
Our particular thanks go also to you, our valued clients, associates and friends. Without you, this positive development would not have been possible in this way. We would like to wish you all the best for the new year and we are looking forward to continuing our pleasant, constructive and successful cooperation!